Our Vision

We completely, passionately love circus and want to use this art form to have fun with and inspire young people.

We want to use circus to work positively with children in a fun and accessible way.

children taking part in a circus workshop

We aim to inspire, build confidence and self esteem in young people.

We aim to provide an excellent and exciting range of entertainment, activities and shows primarily for schools and other youth groups, but also for community and corporate events.

We want to continually creatively develop what we offer.

We aim to supportĀ  and publicize any work or research that looks at the impact of learning Circus on young people. We aim to support innovative ideas in the field and encourage our Circus Coaches to carry on learning and developing.

To ensure that these quality activities continue, we need to provide regular work to Circus Coaches and Performers, so they can carry on working in this field.