Circus Skills Workshops for Primary and Secondary Schools Artsweek, Activity or Challenge Days.

Here are the brilliant, fun, circus activities we offer for EYRS Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 and is Covid-19 secure. Children can learn skills, devise simple routines and  perform a show hosted by your visiting Circus Instructor, videod or watched by their peers!


☆ "Circus in a Day" We run fantastic, lovely EYRS projects for KS1 & KS2 that are engaging, fun and will really enhance the Circus element of the curriculum. This could be focused on your year one or year two class(es) or be an activity for the whole school.

Children will watch a Circus Show, learn 3 or 4 skills and perform in a Circus Show. See further down for more information.

girl juggling plates

Structure for this day;
Fantastic show by the Circus Instructor, duration 40-minutes.
Rotating Circus Sessions with each class bubble to learn 3 or more skills.
Last period (if time in your schedule) a show compered by the Circus Instructor who will host the children's performance.

These give you an idea of the sort of skills each age will learn, this will vary on Circus Coach.

  EYRS- will learn a scarf and gymnastics ribbon routine and walk the balance beam, try pedal-goes and flower-sticks.
  KS1 - can learn to balance a peacock feather in various ways, spin a plate and do a few tricks, juggle three balls between two people,
spin a plate and do a few tricks, juggle three balls between two people and possibly Year 2 could do a tumbling routine.


☆ "Circus in a Day" this can be for the whole school.  Children will watch a Circus Show, each class can learn 2-4 different circus skills, devise simple routines and perform in a Circus Show during last period.

KS2 can learn to balance a Peacock feather in various positions, Spin a plate and learn tricks, juggle 3 balls between 2, try Hula Hooping and tricks, Diablo, Poi and devise a Tumbling routine. We would normally teach a range of different skills to each class.

☆ "Show in a Day" this is for a days activity for a year 5 or 6 class, and works well after SATS, as a Reward for Year 6 Leavers Project. Children get a chance to play games, try a wide range of skills including one from; Unicycling, Tightwire or Hand-held stilts, devise routines and perform a fantastic show to the school.

Girl successfullu balancing on a tightwire


☆ "Rotating Circus Workshops" amazing, exciting, fun Circus Activities that offer a little bit more challenge for those that want it.
45ms - one hour that each class takes in turn and the school provides other activities or we can run rotating workshop fora whole year group year 7, or year 8. Everyone will have a go at a wide range of skills including at least one balancing skill. Activities will vary by Circus Coach but could include; Feather Balancing, Diabolo, Spinning Plates, Juggling Balls and Scarves, Hula Hoops, Pois, Gymnastic Ribbons, Juggling Rings, Lo-lo balls, Hand-Held Stilts, Hat manipulation, Unicyling and Tight-wire walking.

☆ "Show in a Day" for a small group up to class size, this is great for years 6,7,8,9 or mixed year groups. Young people can try a wider range of activities, then practice and perform a show.
We provide a backdrop, lights and a sound system and host the performance by the workshop participants. Very popular with schools.

Circus into Schools works across the South West, including Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, Surrey and West London.