Circus Curriculum Based Projects and Shows

We have a range of curriculum based Circus Shows/ activities for schools that are designed to support the syllabus in a fun way! These shows are excellent and work well in from KS1 - KS4 depending on the target age of the show / workshop.

Elfic the jester with a giant globe of the world

☆ Circus Science Workshops - KS1 /KS2, Focuses on forces and how this affects you; one hour session with rotating groups. 20-minute Circus Science introduction and then 40-minute Circus Activity session with Steve Eldridge.

KS1 Circus day based on the book," Leon and the place between" Children will learn 3-4 different circus skills and devise simple routines that they can perform, hosted by your Circus Instructor, performed to other invited classes or videoed and shared.

☆ "A Showdown with Gravity" KS2 Circus Science Show and Workshops,  with Professor Elfic.

☆ " Sort it Out -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle..On a Unicycle" KS1 /KS2 - Materials / Environmentw with Professor Elfic. Enough magic, circus skills, puppetry and comedy to fill a landfill site. Tackling the serious issues of what we can do with our waste and exploring the nature of different materials.

☆ " Elfics Enterprise Extravaganza" KS3 / KS4 for Enterprise / Business Days by Rupert Elford.
A very original and innovative presentation on how to run your business or be an entrepeneur. Great for students who are deciding their options and thinking a
bout their options or taking Business Studies.